Off to the fight choreography stitch’n’bitch. By the time I get home i should have most of a completed costume.

Wish me luck, everyone!

To do tonight:

  • Get milk
  • Sew two spandex-and-pleather catsuits
  • Make a gritty reboot of Dirty Pair with said catsuits.

Maybe not the last one, but it’s worth a shot…

Rescue has discovered that the painting swings if she bats it.

Rescue isn’t going to like what happens when the painting lands on her.

Attila the bun seems unusually concerned by me this morning. He’s normally a bit clingy if I haven’t spent much time with him for a couple of days, but today he’s perched by my foot and trying to scrabble into my lap every chance he gets. Hasn’t even tried to hump the cat, and she’s given him plenty of opportunities. 

I’m not sure entirely when my pets decided I couldn’t be trusted alone and formed a neurotic, ineffective 24 hour watch, but I’m grateful for it. Somewhat less grateful for the coat of fur they left on my hoodie, but ah well.

Cosplay friends, anyone know of a cheap place to buy wonderflex?

daytime reblob

daytime reblob

Richard Kiel, best known for his portrayal of Jaws, passed away.

I got to meet him when he toured Australia with Supanova - we were both on the Perth bill, but stepping into the green-room for lunch as a bottom billing comic artist is far different to being a star with your own entourage. The only free table was next to Richard, so I pulled up a seat and we got to chatting.

He immediately made me feel comfortable. We discussed the various merits of power-chairs and mobility devices - Richard had Acromegaly , and my dad has early onset Parkinson’s disease, and has thus been in a powerchair for the last eight years or so. He was polite, amiable, not condescending in any way and in a room full of huge personalities, the fact that he was so damn gentle really stood out.

I ended up grabbing him a juice (apple) and when I had to run off, he shook my hand and told me, ‘tell your old man to keep on going. That’s what you gotta do.’

Maybe 20 minutes in a lifetime, but those 20 minutes had an effect on me and they certainly did on Dad, and I can’t thank Rick enough for that.

Rest easy, Rick. You kept on going.

Got sent home from work for being plague-ridden and bronchial, to find a giant discount card from Spotlight waiting on my desk.

Spotlight, you always know what I need. Now to go acquire more fabric for things I don’t have the time to make.

drawn during breaks at work. I missed his mopey mug, what can i say. 

drawn during breaks at work. I missed his mopey mug, what can i say. 

Sketches, scribbles and other informal stuff from Emily K Smith, sequential artist for Gestalt Comics.

Might contain gardening, superheroes, and a guilty addiction to eighties robots.

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